EURO-LOCKS is specialized in the development and production of locking systems and offers a wide range of locks for industrial and OEM-applications. EURO-LOCKS delivers 60 million products from simple mechanical locks up to the most modern electronic locks each year. This way all requirements can be fulfilled very flexibly.

Locking systems from EURO-LOCKS can be found in many products and it is most likely that you have used a locking system from EURO-LOCKS without being aware of it.

The EURO-LOCKS location in Sulzbach has been founded in 1983 and looks after customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Turkey. At the location in Sulzbach EURO-LOCKS manufactures a wide range of mechanical locks, also customized solutions.

EURO-LOCKS is part of the Lowe & Fletcher Group that manufactures locks since 1889. The business was founded in Willenhall by John Lowe and Thomas Fletcher. The Locking Systems Division features besides Germany other locations in Great Britain, Belgium, France, Poland and the USA. The respective local markets are served from there.

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