Guarantee of quality, reliability and robustness, the RONIS brass key is ensuring a safe working environment. The RONIS Key is the key element of our interlocking solutions.

RONIS developed interlocking system to ensure:

  • Complete secure area during hazardous machinery processes, high and medium voltage electrical installation, preventive maintenance and repairs.
  • Control risk during setting operations. The principle of interlocking system is to take into consideration all safety issues.


Interlocking systems integrate carefully each step in accordance with predetermined sequence. Each risk element is subject to a lock and each lock can be operated with its key.
Finally, each key can be released to act on the next lock if the previous one has been activated.
Our locks are interconnected and offer today the safest solution with a robust engineering mechanical system and a trapped key technology controlling actions and avoiding wrong process as human error.
Quality of our materials:
  • Robust stainless steel box able to resist against aggressive environment
  • Brass pin cylinder with a large choice of locking combination